SOUP! questionnaire for homework please!?

July 28, 2013

Question by emj: SOUP! questionnaire for homework please!?
i need to ask people questions about soup for my homework. i know these are really stupid questions but i need to do it, so please complete!

1) how old are you?
2) what gender are you?
3) do you eat soup regularly?
4) which brand of soup do you like best?
5) what type of soup do you eat/buy?
(e.g. tinned, powdered, frozen, fresh, home-made,etc.)
6) what flavour of soup do you like best?
7) do you prefer your soup smooth or chunky/thick?
8) how do you cook your soup? (stove, microwave, etc.)
9) do you prefer organic soup to normal soup?
10) where do you buy soup? (supermarket, shop, internet shopping)

thank you!!!
for food technology. bit strange but oh well. 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Grav
1. 21
2. male
3. yes
4. no brand, I make my own
5. home made
6. Dakbaeksuk (korean chicken soup) or garden vegetable soup
7. thick
8. stove or electric wok
9. no preference
10. buy ingredients at the market

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