I need help making a b-day cake and fast!?

July 28, 2013

Question by THE*UNGRATEFUL*DEAD789: I need help making a b-day cake and fast!?
Ok, I want to make a very belated b-day cake for my mom cause I feel bad that we didn’t do it on her b-day and I have, like, no ingredients and no experience with making cake out of scratch! My mom isn’t going to be home until tomorrow, so I have very limited time. I’m gonna go crazy if no one answers this soon! The ingredients I do have is: 3 eggs, plenty of flower and butter, yogurt, peanuts, plenty of milk(soy milk, too) and god only knows what else I have in that kitchen! I’m trying to make this as organic as possible. She can’t have chocolate either. If there’s more I need I’ll ask a neighbor, or something. That’ll be something! “Hey Miss, I don’t know you, but can I borrow an egg.” LOL!
Oh, yeah, if anyone want’s to tell me that I spelled ‘flour’ wrong please don’t. I’m in a hurry and I feel bad enough, I don’t need someone correcting my spelling. If you know what it means take it as is.

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Answer by Hamna
search up recipies on the internet. try racheal ray.com or something of the sort. btw you spelt flour wrong, its not flower

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