Cooking Dinner for my girlfriend? Need a recipe.?

July 25, 2013

Question by G: Cooking Dinner for my girlfriend? Need a recipe.?
My Girlfriend is coming over later and I said that I would cook, trying to impress her- My plan was to get the house keeper to cook for us and pretend it was me– but she has a dentist appointment and therefore the house keeper can’t.
So we have a lot of stuff and yeah I want to make a nice meal

It needs to be quick, and use one of the following ingredients. This is what we have in the house..
Meat Products:
Free Range Chicken Breasts
Aberdeen Angus Organic Fillet Steak
Bacon (Organic, Rare breed back bacon)
Sausages (Sage & Herb) , Rare breed organic pork.
Cooked, Honey Roast Ham (from the Deli)

Dairy & Dairy replacements, drinks and Juice.

Double Cream
Whipping Cream
Semi- skimmed milk
Skimmed milk
Soy Milk
Rice milk
natural yogurt.
Orange Juice (In a jug, Freshly Squashed)
Pomegranate Juice (fresh Juice)

Random Stuff:
Fresh Pasta, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Champagne, Chateauneuf du pape, Black Truffles, White Truffles..

Vegetables, Fruit and Salad.
Random Bags of Mixed Organic Salad
All sorted Tomato Selections (some are yellow)
48 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
I do have cheese, Vintage Cheddar,sinking bishop cheese

Fish products:

Tuna Steaks
King Prawns
We don’t have any lobster (but I can get some if the recipe needs it)

Best answer:

Answer by William Wilberhurst
if you hate her, rat poison.
If you like her, hay
if you love her, your beard

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