Another Vegan Question!!!?

August 2, 2013

Question by imamegan: Another Vegan Question!!!?
Okay another vegan question.!

What vegan foods are there, that are easy to find in stores?

Im new to all of this and I do not have money to go out and buy a vegan book and yes I have looked all of this up on google and found nothing that helps me.

please answer if you know.

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Answer by Niharika B
Well all the vegetables u can buy and cook differently it so easy, hella healthy and super easy to find rgt and corn, like different corns , corn chips, fruits make fruit salad lol, whole grain stuff like bread, rice, pasta, no milk cauz milk is good for u than broccoli’s lot of stuff u can find,, u don’t even need lot of just cook differently in indian way, italian way, just ur way lol ,, gud luck

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